How can technology be leveraged to cater for transitioning back to work in a Post-COVID world?





Friday, May 22nd, 2020 | 10am PT


About the Webinar:


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new and incredible challenges for businesses around the globe. Organizations no matter what their sizes are forced to rethink how to maintain business continuity without compromising their employees' health and safety. With the pandemic lessens, organizations are grappling with how they can plan, communicate, and transition employees back into the workplace. How technology can help with the transitioning back to work, and manage potential resurgences of the virus?



1. Return to work concern: Addressing concerns about returning to work after COVID-19

2. Social Distancing Guidelines: Explore how workplace technology help with floor plan management following social distancing guidelines

3. Prepare for the future uncertainties: Explore how workplace be prepared and adapt to the possible crisis?