Arm your employees with digital technology.

Employees are the key to the success of your business in the future, driving creative work forward. Companies that do not seize the opportunity to invest in technology to increase employee engagement will miss out on development opportunities.

Intelligent interactive system

Turn the passive into the active.

Up™is a brand new interactive system with user-friendly design, which can provide multi-mode reminders based on behavioral models through screen information, lighting, vibration and automatic lifting, effectively helping users stand before prolonged sitting.

Smart reminder to help build healthy working habits.

Three Ways to get Health Reminders.


The gentlest reminder to avoid disturbing employees while focusing on their work but still hard to miss.


The handset will vibrate for a while. You won't miss the reminder.

Let desk itself stand up to make you stand. 

Locking Mechanism
Multi-based Menu
Personal Height
Min/Max Limited Height
Operation Guide

Digitalized workstation platform

Start the data-driven.

Digi™ is an AIoT-based digitalized platform. With embedded-inside human detection sensors, personal app and organization dashboard, users and enterprises can access to their own health reports and have an overall understanding of their performance.  

Sense and Understand

How you stand.

Personal Health Report

 (App, Mini Program)

Health Report Subscription

Health Report Subscription

Share to Friends

Sit-to-Stand Reminder through push-notification

Enterprise Workstation

Usage Report(Web)

Overall Workstation Operation Report

Multi-dimension Rankings

Occupancy Analysis

Power of Workstation


Healthier working


Through health data, organization can have overall insight for employees' health and manage workplace strategy to improve employees' behaviors in the workplace.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Improve employees efficiency and productivity through digital innovation.

Maximize Asset ROI

Through data-driven, effectively evaluate and improve the ROI of workstation assets, lift personal performance, organization operation and financial performance to a new height.

Digitalized Ecosystem

Based on the data, the digitalized workstation can be interconnected with any other intelligent devices to improve the workplace experience.