PESK Collection

A classic and popular desk model.

The 9am PESK collection is the classic sit-to-stand solution for modern workplaces. The collection delivers an elegant and stable design to flexible desks for different scenarios from open spaces, semi-private workspaces to private offices.

Classic and powerful.

Improved Experience

The integration of Up and Digi empowers more personalized working experience for employees to cultivate a healthy sit-to-stand working habit, while for enterprises to improve workplace efficiency and employees’ productivity as a whole.

Versatility and Functionality

PESK collection has all the quality you can expect for our sit-to-stand solution. PESK supports up to 330 pounds, including the desktop, and meets BIFMA and Green Guard Gold standards. Dual columns are controlled by solid-state motors to ensure a gentle start and stop.

Reliable Quality

PESK collection is classic sit-to-stand workstation at a great value. Width-expandable bases accommodate a variety of top sizes and shapes to bring versatility into any floorplan. Rich options of materials and accessories, allows you to build the desk to meet your office's needs, in whatever way works for you.

More of PESK


A popular desk model. Its industrial design aims specially at feasibility and simplicity.


Double workstations design enhances overall stability while two desks can go up and down independently. Suitable for teams with high requirements on neatness of space and less on desk relocation.


PESK LINE is a single sided benching, with power and data system integrated with the desk. It is recommended for teams with high requirement on neatness of space and easy workplace relocation.


PESK BENCH 120° is a 120 degree sit-stand solution that is ideal for team collaboration and makes communication easier for small teams. With added screen, it can also create private space that allows employees to focus on their work.


PESK PLUS is the enhanced height adjustable desk. It is the perfect choice for team leaders who require larger desktop and also more graceful design.

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