Digitalized Height Adjustable Workstation

More than a standing desk.

Embrace a brand-new working experience with

9am AIoT-Powered standing desks.

What makes 9am Height Adjustable Workstations different?

9am believes that from space, equipment to human, more interactions can be generated through technology, and these interactions will largely change user performance and overall enterprise culture.

The power of AIoT.
Taken further.

Get more out of 9am digitalized height adjustable workstations.

An AIoT-based digitalized platform. With embedded-inside human detection sensors, personal app and organization dashboard, users and enterprises can access to health reports and have an overall understanding of their performances.

9am UP™ intelligent interactive system provides multi-mode reminders based on behavioral models as well as a user-friendly control interface, effectively helping users stand before prolonged sitting.

ATOM Collection

Feature an elegant aesthetic with ergonomics and functionality.

CUBIC Collection

Recognize the needs of the individual while balancing between privacy and collaboration.

PESK Collection

Deliver classic sit-to-stand solution for different workplace scenarios.

Collabration Desk

Designed for co-working, meetings and conference sharing.

Digitalization is Future

Get the power to take your performance to the next level.