CUBIC Collection

CUBIC collection delivers a functional design that enables larger above desk space to satisfy people’s needs for both ergonomics and space, as well as support individual and collaborative work.

CUBIC collection creates a balance in cooperation and privacy in the open plan office space. By matching with large table area, multiple storage spaces and ergonomic accessories, it meets people's needs for handling complex tasks.

Ideal Balance

Improved Experience

The integration of Up and Digiempowers more personalized working experience for employees to cultivate a healthy sit-to-stand working habit, while for enterprises to improve workplace efficiency and employees’ productivity as a whole.

Privacy and Open Space Balance

CUBIC collection is an integrated workstation solution. It can provide a relative open working environment for employees to meet the needs of dealing with complex work. At the same time, the customized partition screen also ensures the privacy of the work area. CUBIC offers a balance between open work and private space to provide the most suitable working environment for employees.

Configuration Flexibility

CUBIC collection can be equipped with a variety of lockers with sufficient space to meet the storage of a large number of documents and personal belongings, and realize orderly station management.

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