ATOM Collection

For The Higher Quality Workpalce.

The ATOM collection is designed to bring the aesthetic with simple and stylish look to modern workplaces, and meanwhile support the wellbeing of people.

Elegance with power

Improved Experience

The integration of Up and Digiempowers more personalized working experience for employees to cultivate a healthy sit-to-stand working habit, while for enterprises to improve workplace efficiency and employees’ productivity as a whole.

Design Aesthetics

ATOM is an award-winning collection. Elegant curved elements are standard for the whole ATOM collection. Sleek and round leg delivers aesthetics with more simplicity, functionality and ergonomic.

People Centric

From design to function, ATOM puts an emphasis on human wellness. ATOM meets Green Guard Gold and BIFMA standards and offers designers and facility managers flexible choices for various sizes and configurations, which supports diverse workstyle needs and embrace well-being principles in space design.

More of ATOM



The ATOM BENCH is an award-winning desk, designed with sleek, elegant curved elements that are more ergonomic. The legs are connected by double beams for stability and can be fitted with a variety of fixed in-between privacy screens.



ATOM creates a flexible and independent open workstation with rounded and elegant curved elements. The width of the desk frame can be adjusted to meet various specifications.



ATOM LEAD is designed with exquisite four leg structure, provides generous knee clearance and more  excellent stability. Ideally suitable for multi-task scenarios.



ATOM BENCH 120° is a workstation suitable for the efficient cooperation of three people. Each workstation is adjustable to sit or stand posture, while efficient space utilization can be realized.

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