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9am is the pioneer and leader in workplace digitalization. We provide corporate full-scenario solution on spatial analysis and digitalized height adjustable workstations, which will lead to data-driven workplace strategies as well as healthy and efficient new working experience.

Our Solutions

Next Generation of Digitalized

Height Adjustable Workstations

9am digitalized height adjustable workstation is empowered by Up™

the intelligent interaction system and Digi™- the digitalized workstation platform, actively helping the user to cultivate a healthy sit-to-stand working habit and increasing overall enterprise productivity.

Spatial Occupancy

Service and Insight

9am Tesseract™ Spatial Analysis service provides full-scenario occupancy data collection through high-accuracy sensors and enables deep insight into office space utilization, which can initiate a data-driven workplace strategy.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

"Insights from 9am Digitalization Workstation Platform drove a significant lift in our efficiency of workstation operation management. The usage of the occupancy sensors allows us to visualize how each workstation and hot desk are used, more importantly, it enables us to consider workplace management and employee wellness in a digitalized way."

—  Weizheng Qi 

Senior Manager, Administration

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